Remote Start

The convenience of a remote start system is not just great for cold, winter mornings. It’s also great for those hot summer days. We offer some of the best quality auto-start systems from Avital and Viper and only do the best quality installation services.

The Convenience of a Remote Start

The winters in this area have been more and more brutal with every year that passes. Not only with the cold weather but also snow and hail as well. Everyone knows that awful feeling in the winter knowing that you have to get up 30 minutes earlier to scrape all of the ice off of your car and get the engine warm before making that trek to work. However, you can avoid this frustration by having a remote start installed into your vehicle so you can get the car started with the heat and defrosters blasting without even getting out of bed. You can even use your phone to start your car from wherever you are in your home to ensure that it is ready to go when you are! You can be eating breakfast, brushing your teeth, or getting the kids ready for school when you realize that you want to start your car and you’ll have the ability to do so!


  • Remote Start Systems have a 2,500ft range to the vehicle & back, giving confirmation to let you know the car is stacked
  • Two-way remote start remotes indicate the vehicle has been started with flashing LED light and audible chimes
  • Flashing parking lights let you know that your vehicle is running
  • Failsafe starter kill prevents others from driving vehicle without disengaging alarm
  • Keyless entry option


  • Use your smartphone (iPhone, Android or BlackBerry) to remotely control your vehicle
  • Lock and Unlock doors, remote start, trunk release, and panic/car finder
  • 2-Way confirmation of commands received at vehicle
  • Smart Alerts sent via push notification or text messaging (SMS)

Client Testimonials

Bob Hernandez

Super clean showroom, good people. The type of shop I would have no problem sending my wife or mother to visit. Highly recommended

Donald Joseph

Nice staff...will be going back in future for more accessories for my pickup

James Mitchell

These guys are great. I had Katzkin leather seat covers and heaters installed in my 2018 Toyota Tacoma. The fit and finish and workmanship exceeded my expectations. My Tacoma looks and feels like a different vehicle. Be sure to purchase the Katzkin product from Shore Customs as opposed to buying from Katzkin directly. I say this because Katzin sells these seat covers with installation included and they add a significant mark up for themselves. You will save money buying through Shore.

Kirk Thomas

This was my firs time visiting Shore Customs. Wes took the time to answer all of my questions. He was very knowledgeable of their products, and very personable. I'd recommend Shore Customs for all things automotive!

Sarah Moschberger

Great local shop with friendly and helpful staff! I've had my windows tinted and a remote start installed with them and both were done fast and for a reasonable price. Highly recommend this shop.

Stephanie Havens

Amazing customer service and great quality work.I highly recommend this place for anything that you want to add to your vehicle. They gave me a price over the phone and worked around my schedule for the appointment.They installed heated seats and auto start to my sister's vehicle for Christmas.when everything was said and done it was the same price you gave me over the phone plus tax. He was very professional and went above and beyond to explain to me how everything worked. Extremely pleased with the service and would definitely go back if I need anything else.Thank you!!!

Weiss Gary

Nice people they sure have a lot of good looking stuff. All kinds of sharp stuff for your truck or your car your Jeep really cool good looking stuff they do good work if you have them put something in. Their prices are reasonable or fair.

Zachary Cooler

Shore Customs is an all around clean professional business. I was new to tints and everyone who I spoke throughout the process was professional, clear spoken, and informative. Any questions I had were already answered upon pick up of my vehicle. The tints look amazing and appear factory set. I will definitely be returning here for other services and highly reccomend anyone looking for custom work to Shore Customs.

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