Car tints are one of the most popular aftermarket services done to vehicles.  Not only does tinting your windows make your car look nicer, there are actually some additional benefits to tinting too.  Direct sunlight and UV rays not only can damage your skin, however, automotive window tint can reduce the amount of UV rays by 99%!  In addition to blocking UV rays, tinting car windows can reduce the heat inside your car by 60%, which is great for those hot summer months.

Protecting your skin and keeping your car cool is important, but protecting the interior of your car should be important too.  Auto tints provide great protection for your vehicle’s upholstery by preventing the interior from getting too hot and warping, fading, or cracking the inside of your car.  In addition, window tints are great for privacy as well.  They’ll give you the personal privacy that you desire while driving around, and they also help protect the things that you leave in your car when you’re not in it.  One last but great benefit of auto window tint is that they make driving overall more enjoyable.  Tints can help shield your eyes from annoying and distracting glares caused from the sun.

If you are thinking about getting window tints for your vehicle let us at Shore Customs take care of it for you!  Our team of professional technicians strive to make sure you get the product deserve and asked for.  Feel free to stop by our shop, give us a call, or fill out an online form for a quote or any questions that you have!

We proudly offer window tinting products by 3M

Medical Exemption for Tint

This is for New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission Request for medical exemption to Apply Vehicle Sun-Screening.

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