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When someone takes great pride in their truck’s appearance, every detail matters. From the color of the paint and the size of the wheels, all the way down to the tire valve caps. If you are a fellow truck enthusiast like us at Shore Customs, you know your truck needs to do more than look the part… it needs to SOUND the part as well! Our professional staff is standing by waiting to install a new Kleinn Truck Horn for you today! Nobody wants to have a dog with the look of a pit bull and the bark of a poodle, so call us for a FREE estimate or fill out our estimate form HERE.

Kleinn Air Horns

If you are looking for an air horn that offers superior performance with affordability, Shore Customs has what you want. We offer truck horns by Kleinn, one of the most well-known manufacturers of air horns, train horns, and onboard air and horn systems in the entire country. Operating out of Tucson, Arizona, all Kleinn products are proudly manufactured right here in the United States.

About Air Horns

With air horns, you can usually tell type of sound you will get out of it by simply looking at the horn itself. The larger and longer the horn, the louder and deeper the sound produced. Also, the sound volume has a lot to do with the pressure used to honk the horn.

Types of Kleinn Air Horns

  • Compact Air Horns – Known as “truck horns” because they are extremely loud but small enough to fit in small spaces.
  • Train Horns – Usually triple trumpet horns that are designed to mimic the true sound of (you guessed it) a train.
  • Roof Mount Horns – Range in length from 15” to 25”and require and air source (compressor and tank from 1.5-5 gallons)
  • Direct Drive Horns – Kits come with direct drive, instant-on mini air compressor, air horn, air line, mounting hardware, relay, and instructions.

But what do they sound like?!

Instead of hearing about how great Kleinn Truck Horns are, check out their YouTube page and listen for yourself. Just make sure your volume isn’t turned up too loud!