Fuel Tires


The wheel: a relatively simple concept when you think about how it applies to transportation. The Mesopotamians came up with the idea of the wheel around 3500 BC. The evolution of the wheel has come a long way in 5500+ years, but the purpose has not changed much. It is still used to get things from Point A to Point B.

But when you want to have fun getting from Point A to Point B, off-roading is the way to go! Off road vehicles need to have wheels that are able to grip to surfaces other than smooth pavement, as the case with normal tires. These surfaces range from rock and boulders to sand, dirt, snow, and mud. If you want the best traction on any surface of your liking, look no farther than to Shore Customs. We offer some of the best off-road tires available, made by Fuel Off-Road. Fill out our form HERE for a free estimate on Fuel Off-Road tires, or give us a call today at 732-988-5600.

Why Fuel Off-Road Tires?

The Mud Gripper M/T tire by Fuel gives proven stability and traction on or off road with their unique siping that allows you to track through the roughest terrain. The better handling and stability in all conditions add up to the best ride of your life. The enhanced 3-ply wall construction goes perfectly with any Fuel Off-Road Rims.

With Fuel Tires you are guaranteed the 3 B’s. You will be going Bigger, Badder, and you won’t need to break the Bank to do so. Shore Customs offers a full range of sizes that are sure to meet your vehicles specifications.

Tire Sizes

  • RFNT331250R17
  • RFNT351250R17
  • RFNT331250R18
  • RFNT351250R18
  • RFNT331250R20
  • RFNT351250R20
  • RFNT351350R20
  • RFNT371350R20
  • RFNT331250R22
  • RFNT351250R22
  • RFNT371350R22
  • RFNT381550R22
  • RFNT401550R24
  • RFNT401550R26

Not only do Fuel Off-Road Tires outperform the competition, but they are will make a statement as you get ready to tackle any terrain! So come by Shore Customs today or give us a call today! 732-988-5600