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We feature amplifiers by Kicker

Does your current audio system not really do it for you?  Do you crave a louder, clearer music experience in you vehicle?  If so, you should consider an amp installation in your vehicle.  We feature amplifiers by Kicker.  They are one of the leaders in the industry and really know how to create the best sound experience money can buy; the Kicker audio experience.


  • KICKER’s reliable lineup of 12 choices, including energy-saving Class D sub amps*
  • Two-, four-, mono-channel, and 5-channel hybrid for any configuration
  • ZX700.5 has 420-watt (2 Ohm, 14.4V) sub channel and four full-range channels
  • Balanced differential inputs for noise elimination and factory-radio compatibility
  • 3 automatic turn-on modes
  • +18dB of boost centered at 40 hertz
  • ZXRC remote capability on the 10 most powerful amps
  • Optional end caps available
  • Optional vinyl skins for personalizing heat sinks available
  • KICKER Amp’s actual power always exceeds its rated power, documented inside each carton
  • Additional one-year extended warranty with the purchase of a qualifying KICKER install kit

* The ZX300.1 is KICKER’s only Class A/B subwoofer amplifier, and has different features

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